Museum of Anthropology Featured Artist Program

Had to dig into the archives for this one... some of my super early professional work in video. Project had its limitations regarding equipment and mind you, this was 2013 before every DSLR under the sun had access to top of the line video features. Nonetheless, enjoy!

Duties: direct, shoot (photo and video), edit

This fall, we are excited to present a series of monthly "Featured Artist" videos, profiling artists whose work is available in the MOA Shop. First up is Kalsang Dawa, a traditional Tibetan Thangka painter based in Vancouver, who shares insight into the spirituality underlying his craft.
Kwakwaka'wakw and Haida weaver Meghann O'Brien talks passionately about the transformative process of working with mountain goat wool, while reflecting on her own transformation from professional snowboarding to weaving. See more interviews with artists in the MOA Shop here:
Kwakwaka'wakw carver Rupert Scow is humble and profound, speaking to both the influence of his heritage and the discovery of his own personal style within his work. A wide range of Rupert's carvings are available at the MOA Shop. See more interviews with artists in the MOA Shop at: