Keeping up with me

For most of the year, I am a full-time graduate Student at Columbia University pursuing a master of Architecture + Master of Science in Urban Planning dual degree (graduating in 2021).

This summer, I am working at Marble fairbanks leading the research + development of a strategic plan to help an innovative charter school in Brooklyn (that helps at-risk youth graduate high school through sports-based youth development), expand to other boroughs in New York City.

I'm also working on a new project Called Kaniya, which aims to both empower and disrupt the filipino status quo through thought-provoking and vulnerable conversations.

And lastly,  I'm excited to say that I will be going to africa (for the first time) in august, Where I'll be doing research, led by the directors of the new center for resilient cities and landscapes focusing on the coastline of Pemba, Mozambique.