Disaster Preparedness in Gowanus

URBAN PLANNING STUDIO (Current - Spring 2018)


Professors: Ethel Sheffer + Graham trelstad

TA: Wesley Rhodes

Team: Kevin Borja, Dare Brawley, Tyrene Calvesbert, Pauline Claramunt, Yue Dong, Ashley Esparza, Shuyang Huang, Sean Nelsen, Francis Yu


Client: NYC Emergency Management

Our Client is New York City Emergency Management, or NYCEM. They are the primary coordinating agency for how New York City prepares and responds to emergencies. Currently, NYCEM is in the process of writing the the new 2019 Hazard Mitigation Plan, in which they are aiming to include an approach to disaster planning that focuses on community-based efforts to emergency response and recovery.

Our task, then, is to help NYCEM create a neighborhood-specific Hazard Mitigation Plan for Gowanus that would serve as an enhancement to the Community Preparedness Toolkit. Our work will be conducted at the local level in order to guide communities on how to evaluate their potential hazards, as well as teach them actions and interventions that reduce risk.