Kaniya is a movement that both empowers and disrupts the Filipinx status quo through thought-provoking and vulnerable
conversations aimed to cultivate a strong sense of belonging in the Filipinx community.

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EP 00 | The Intro:

Disrupting the Filipinx Status Quo

Despite recording this back in July, so much of what we start to delve into in these first conversations still reign true. Community, empowerment, connection, stumbling through our parent's native tongue, and comparing each of our family's Tita Baby - we're here to talk about it all.

EP 01 | Donnel Garcia Barroso

Donnel Garcia Barroso is a Vancouver-based photographer and writer, most recently known for his work with photography-based publication, Street Dreams Magazine, and Canadian streetwear boutique, Livestock. We ask him about how he seems to have found every Filipinx in the city, and dive into the scarcity complex, being mentors with/for your peers, AI (the player), all of our shared love for bipstek, and realizing on-air that he isn't from Surrey after all.

EP02 | Mariel Padilla:

Being a Journalist, Winning a Pulitzer Prize, and Growing Up Filipinx

Mariel Padilla is a NYC based Journalist, who, at 23, won a Pulitzer Prize in the Local Reporting category for being a part of the team that wrote the investigative article, “Seven Days of Heroin,” by The Cincinnati Enquirer. In this episode we talk about her experiences with her new career, growing up Filipinx in Indiana, her experiences of being a POC, her connection to the culture, and more.