"Young City Beside the Wild"

This past summer, I was asked to write about why I love Vancouver and feature a few photos for Destination British Columbia. Seeing that they @hellobc found me through my Instagram, I felt that it was only fair to share photos exclusively taken with my phone.

As much as I love my chunk of a camera, there’s a real weight lifted off my shoulders whenever I decide to not bring it along to my adventures. Likely more the fear and paranoia of my clumsiness and the elements having an unfortunate clash, I’ve taken to only bringing my trusty iPhone 6 secured in my LifeProof case with me these days (and more often than not, my GoPro).

Anyways, to quote Destination BC, “we’ve been admiring your perspectives from around Vancouver on Instagram (love the mix of East Van craft beer/food and the local nature!)” – my Instagram in a nut shell. But what really got me thinking was the theme I was to figure out on my own that I was passionate about, in the context of Vancouver being a city on the edge of wilderness.

Here’s what I had to say:

As a young city beside the wild, it is no surprise that one of the main sources of inspiration for many is the environment around us. Having lived here all my life, I find that Vancouver is currently in a transition: though it is established, we are now trying to find ways of repurposing what we have. It is those finding innovative ways of redefining known spaces that are beginning to push the city forward, and it is with this evolution that the people get a chance to take ownership of our city.

From repurposed warehouses, to the hole-in-the-wall you pass on the regular, there’s something about a familiar place rethought or an unseen crack along the street illuminated. Like the nature next to us, the city’s best and tucked away spots are the ones right in front of us: the ones a little wild but tamed to share with the community around us.



Thank you to Robyn for finding me and reaching out. Let me know what you think in the comments or follow me on Instagram at @c_mille

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